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Bee Trough (Merge Hives)

This video shows how the sidewall removes to accomodate the merging of hives

Bee Trough (Expand Hives)

This video shows how the trough can expand hives in the vertical and horizontal direction

On the morning of July 15th one of my mating nucs swarmed. I did not have time to retreive it until later that afternoon. 

These two videos document how the swarm grew in size, entered another hive in the apiary, and how I used the loss as a means to make new Queens, which you can view HERE on my site.

This video shows the progress of a swarm I retrieved from one of my mating hives.

The swarm was caught on June 29th. The videos show the first 14 days of progress.

I'm asking $150 for 3 frames as of July 15th. 

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Update: SOLD as of 07.22.22