Sweetness and light...

We harvest our honey twice a year: mid-summer and late autumn. Our honey is collected from the wildflowers, trees, and local bloom in our neighborhood. Our summer honey is lighter in color, while the fall honey is darker. 

All of our honey is raw, which provides the full benefits to the consumer because it contains pollen from local flora. Many people eat local raw honey for relief from allergies. Our hives are located in the Holiday Park neighborhood in Northeast Heights (Juan Tabo & Candelaria). 

Pre-Packaged Honey: We have pre-packaged honey which is for sale in in quarts (32 oz.), pints (16 oz.), half pints (8 oz.), and quarter pints (4 oz.). All jars are glass. Honey that is pre-packaged may be from previous seasons/harvests.

Bulk Honey: We also sell honey by the pound. You must provide your own container. Bulk honey is from the most current harvest (i.e. Fall 2023).

Pre-Packaged Honey Prices

Bulk Honey Prices

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Honey Sizes & Prices

From left to right: quart, pint, half pint and quarter pint.

Case of Half Pints ($120)

Perfect for friends and family!

Case of Quarter Pints ($84)

Ideal size for gifting!

Our Harvesting Process

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