10 Years of Experience Rearing Queens

A healthy, laying queen is important for colony strength. Queen rearing is the process of inducing a colony to produce new queens by manipulating various colony attributes. We have been rearing our own queen bees from the strong stock of honey bees we have in our apiaries. Please note that queens are available seasonally (not year round). Please contact us to determine your need for a new queen and to inquire about availability.

2024 Queens

I do not purchase my Queens. They are all raised (created) and mated in my backyard. 

People frequently ask, "What kind of queens do you have?" I find the question interesting. To say what "type", "kind", "strain", or "stock" a queen is or belongs to is in a way irrelevant if they are mated naturally. If one advertises a queen as an Italian (and how one could even know that unless the genetics are highly controlled and the queen instrumentally inseminated) it matters not since the queen will become inseminated by many different drones. 

There are phenotypic differences among the queens. Personally, I go for stripped and spotted. You may like the appearance of one over another, and for this reason I've posted images of them below along with an approximate date they were mated.

They are all for sale for a limited time at $50 each. Eventually, I will move them to nucs and they may be for sale after that time. 

Give me a call at 505-796-2244 and let me know which one(s) you're interested in by using the codes I've listed below the images.

(mated 5/05)

(mated 5/05)

(mated 5/01)
vetting 5/09

(mated 5/09)

(mated 5/?)

(mated 5/?)

(mated 5/?)