10 Years of Experience Rearing Queens

A healthy, laying queen is important for colony strength. Queen rearing is the process of inducing a colony to produce new queens by manipulating various colony attributes. We have been rearing our own queen bees from the strong stock of honey bees we have in our apiaries. Please note that queens are available seasonally (not year round). Please contact us to determine your need for a new queen and to inquire about availability.

Round 1

The Queens below were created around July 19th, 2022. You may watch the series of videos HERE, which show the situation that led to their creation.

The virgins were inserted in mating nucs and mated on August 7th.

They are all for sale for a limited time. Give me a call at 505-796-2244 and request which one(s) you're interested in by using the codes I've listed below the images.

Pricing is below:

1 Queen = $50

2 Queens = $90

3 Queens = $120

I have many more queens to mate. Currently, my mating nucs are occupied by the ones you see below. As a result, I need to free up the mating nucs by moving these to 5-frame nucs for overwintering. This will take place in the next week or so. Once done, they may not be available for sale, and you'll have to wait on the next round to become mated.

CWE (vetting 8/15)


AW (vetting 8/15)

ChE (vetting 8/17)

ChW (vetting 9/2)

GRT (sold 9/11)

Round 2

Two were mated in this round; roughly the week of August 15th.

This concludes the queen rearing season for 2022. Let me know if you have questions: (505) 796-2244


AW_R2 (vetting 9/2)